Version 1.13.1 of nginx now natively uses CPU affinity on DragonFly.  This matches well with SO_REUSEPORT support; I suspect DragonFly is a fantastic place to run nginx at this point. ...And before you say, "It would be great if someone would put together benchmarks", think instead, "I'm someone, and I could do it."
Andrew MacIntyre manually installed DragonFly onto a UEFI system, and conveniently he posted his notes.  It includes a GRUB menu entry, which will come in handy for someone
All these links came together at once, after I cleaned up a lot of browser tabs.
A good chunk of this is overflow from last week.
No interview in this week's BSDNow, but lots of news topics including a note about how easy it is to mitigate WannaCry problems using BSD technologies.  Also of potential interest, it links to an in-depth look at how traffic shaping in pfSense was able to significantly improve a home internet connection, from someone whose job is to think about that sort of thing.
If your DragonFly system's Intel network device doesn't seem to pick up on DHCP, try turning on polling.  This may already be a nonissue, but it doesn't hurt to mention it. Update: fixed.
The weather's nice, so the links are light.  Well, they were, then I got some reading done, and now we have a good-size list. Your unrelated link of the week: Roads & Kingdoms Breakfast.  Food and a story every weekday.
There's been enough this week I've already started next week's BSD entry.  
This week's BSDNow covers different topics, with a specific link about a centrally managed Bhyve - a new feature to me.  No interview this week, but don't let that stop you from the full range of discussion.
Summer of Code project spotted via random search: "port Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) Driver for i915, from the Linux kernel to Haiku with the help of DragonflyBSD’s Linux Compatibility layer..."  Seen here, via this.
Reader suggestions always make me happy.
A good topic range this week.
This week's BSDNow has no interview, but it hops through a banquet of different operating system activities - wireless, routing, changing systems, etc.  You will surely find something to pique your interest.
A tip that might be useful for some readers: Mohammad BadieZadegan posted that he had a poor network connection, and so was having a hard time installing packages.  If that bites you too, there are some pkg.conf options - starting with FETCH_TIMEOUT and FETCH_RETRY - that may help.