What are people using for a web framework these days?  I was messing with Fat Free Framework, and there seems to be about a zillion options, for many languages, these days. Your unrelated comics link of the week: The Digital Comics Museum.
Fun links, this week.  
The garbage[27] podcast is out, and it's covering OpenBSD, iOS, and Android topics, or at least that's what I guess from the summary, cause I'm still at work.
If you have a ral(4) wireless card that didn't function as expected, it may suddenly work for you now on DragonFly 4.5 due to the large wifi update.  The ral(4) driver covers a lot of hardware, so check the man page for all the commercial names.
BSDNow 143 has the usual roundup of news, plus a conversation with Matthew Macy about graphics improvements in FreeBSD. We need DragonFly people interviewed, since DragonFly graphics improvements have been leading the pack, so to speak.  I'm linking to the Jupiter Broadcasting site again since I don't see this episode up on the BSDNow site yet.
Matthew Dillon and Adrian Chadd have updated the wifi setup in DragonFly, incorporating Adrian's FreeBSD changes (and merging back some of Matt's from DragonFly).  This affects the ath, rum, iwm, iwn, run, bwn, urtwn, wi, ral, iwi, ndis, and wpi drivers.  The 'an' driver has been removed, too.  I'm not going to even try to link to all the commits. If you're on DragonFly master and are using one of these devices, now is the time to update and try.  Note that this removes the separate network interface that's specific to the device and creates only a wlanX device. Update: Matt reminded me that at least half the work came from Imre Vadasz; I missed it because I was only looking at the commit email names - mea culpa.
Read this email thread for how to mount devices (e.g. USB drives) in DragonFly when you aren't root.
A nice wide range of topics, again!
Summer convention season is coming; start scheduling!
karu.pruun managed to get xwayland working on DragonFly, and also took notes while doing it.  That means you can try it out, too.
BSDNow 142 is out.  You might think the title is about Perl, the language, on BSD, but it's because there's an interview with FreeBSD developer Alfred Perlstein.  I'm sure he gets that a lot.  Among the other news on the episode is a note about ordering BSDNow shirts: do it today because it's the last day they will be available!  Also, you can order now and pick it up at BSDCan if you're going to be there. (I'm linking to the jupiterbroadcasting site because the bsdnow.tv site isn't updated as of this writing.)
The May issue of BSD Magazine is available now.  There's articles on ZFS, OpenBSD's arc4random, an interview of Fernando Rodríguez of KeepCoding, and more.  It's a free PDF download if you didn't know.
I have some links I meant to post weeks ago, so lots of variety this week. Your unrelated link of the week: The GLOG.  The Goblin Laws of Gaming, a homebrew RPG.  I love just reading the rules on these sorts of things.