3 Replies to “How fast is DragonFly?”

  1. nwildner says:

    LOL. Best answer ever!.

  2. mer says:

    That rebalancing stuff by Hammer; I can understand that helping on spinning media, but what kind of effect does it have on SSDs? Spinning media you can get a gyroscopic effect that means you need the ones and zeros evenly distributed so it stays balanced, but…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Without the spinning effect, it doesn’t distribute all the bits evenly across the chips. To fix that, you have to manually pick up the computer, hold it over your head upside down, and shake it.

    Given the disk size we have today, it’s a small percentage that gets out of place, so you only have to jiggle your computer every month or so. Maybe more if you have a lot of disk activity.


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