The pkg tool, used in DragonFly (and FreeBSD) for ports, is at version 1.2.  Version 1.3 will apparently be able to solve the problem where one port is ended and replaced with another.  This is a problem that's been around forever, and I don't just mean with pkg.  I don't know how soon 1.3 will be out, or what version FreeBSD is at.
Settle back, there's a lot to read. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Agatha Heterodyne & The Sleeping City.  It's a kickstarter for the 13th volume of a long-running story - which is also free to read online.  As I have mentioned before, the artist Phil Foglio drew the original BSD daemons.
Another active week.
The plugin I use for posting to Twitter managed to silently stop working after a recent Wordpress upgrade.   It's fixed now.  Thanks to alert reader TJ for telling me.  If you are picking up articles here through Twitter, you have some backlog waiting for you.
Remember the joke I and probably a zillion others made about OpenOpenSSL?  It's happening, except it's called LibreSSL. (thanks, Tomáš Bodžár)
This is another week where I find neat stuff at the start of the week, start the post, and by the time the post date rolls around, those links have been seen everywhere.  Yes, I'm complaining I don't get "First Post!" the way I want. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Heads or Tails.  Chris Ware's comics are all about using the comic as a way of expressing the movement of time, in so many ways.  (via)
I've got "coverage" of most every BSD this week.
Remember: If you have a particular port that's not building in DragonFly, there may be a patch in pkgsrc that could be brought over, as John Marino points out.
I am all over the map this week. Your unrelated animated image of the week: a seal with hiccups.
Some out-of-the-ordinary things this week.
DragonFly now has a 'rescue' system added in, which also functions as a way to mount encrypted filesystems.  Does PAM work yet?  I don't know; I may be linking to this earlier than I need to.
I should have seen that pun coming a long time ago.  BSDNow 032 is up with an interview of Dru Lavigne and the usual assortment of other recent BSD items.