In Other BSDs for 2016/04/16

This is one of those weeks where a bunch of release all tumble together by chance.

In Other BSDs for 2016/03/26

By the time you read this, I will have already been at my second job for 5 hours.

In Other BSDs for 2016/03/19

This time, this was all last-minute.


In Other BSDs for 2016/03/12

Has anyone been watching the AsiaBSDCon video?  I have not been awake/unbusy at the right times.


In Other BSDs for 2016/03/05

I hope you have some time for reading this week.

In Other BSDs for 2016/02/27

Look at the ZFS discussions if you want to feel smug as a BSD user.

In Other BSDs for 2016/02/20

Keep an eye out for BSD user group meetings in your area – just because I didn’t note it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

In Other BSDs for 2016/01/30

Another week with plenty of links.

In Other BSDs for 2016/01/16

There’s a lot of convention links this week, which is mostly an accident.  If any of them are near you, go!  BSD conventions are always fun, in my experience.


In Other BSDs for 2015/12/26

There’s some DragonFly links I snuck in here because why not?

In Other BSDs for 2015/12/12

I had this built up well ahead of time.

In Other BSDs for 2015/11/28

I informally grouped by topic, cause it has proved an exceptionally rich week for BSD links.

In Other BSDs for 2015/11/14

This is the sort of BSD link week I like, with lots of range and depth.

In Other BSDs for 2015/11/07

Not even checking source commits this week; there’s already plenty of news.

In Other BSDs for 2015/10/24

There’s a lot of developer interviews lately.

Your cross-platform software of the week: Syncthing.  Runs on all the BSDs.  (Via discussion on EFNet #dragonflybsd)

In Other BSDs for 2015/10/17

Another good week for BSD releases and events.



In Other BSDs for 2015/10/03

There’s lots to read through this week – just for BSD!  I’ll have even more tomorrow.

In Other BSDs for 2015/09/26

This took some catching up.


In Other BSDs for 2015/09/19

Lots of activity; I didn’t even really need to look at source commits.

In Other BSDs for 2015/09/12

This was a quieter-than-normal week, probably because of the North American holiday at the start of it, but I found enough articles by the end.