I have nothing to post about, for the first time in a while, so here is a treat I have been saving: Request for biographies.  (follow the whole thread) It's a long thread from the SIGCIS mailing list for biographies of various people important to computing/mathematics, and there are some real gems in there.  Your local bookstore or library should have many of these.
More in-depth reads this week. Your unrelated musical link of the week: The best Electronic music on Bandcamp, August 2020.
Straight dump of my BSD RSS feed.
This week's BSD Now covers a bunch of releases, a good rc.d argument, and a "How I Did This" story.  HIDT?  That's a good acronym.
I tagged and built 5.8.2 today, and it should be appearing on a mirror near you, momentarily.   The tag commit has a list of the changes, and of course there's a users@ post to match.  It's a bugfix release, so no major changes - but there's plenty of little updates.
Here's a recommendation (and a usage lesson) on pkg-provides, a tool for matching a file to the installed pkg that brought it.  It goes with the pkglocate article some weeks ago; it seems like this should be standard functionality.  Thanks to Nelson H. F. Beebe.
A bit of this is overflow from last week.
No theme, just everything in a bucket.
The theme of this week's BSD Now seems to be about new roles for BSD, cause there's talk about clustering and console changes.
You can now add something to run on first boot after install, only, on DragonFly.  This is probably of most use to you if you are building a custom image.
Completed Tuesday, in an effort to reduce tab count in my browser.
Perhaps a performance tweaks mini-theme this week?      
This week's BSD Now is a mix of historical content, and ZFS news items.  Surely one or both of those interest you?