Accidental topic: old-school games.
Lots of old BSD this week.
This week's BSD Now is making reference to the episode count, I think.  Of note this week: lots of how-to-do-this sorts of links.
Thanks to Daniel Fojt, ldns in DragonFly is updated to 1.7.1.  This time, I do have a changelog link. It's a minor update, but I have to point it out because my muscle memory still won't let go of nslookup,
Francois Tigeot has updated the DRM driver in DragonFly to match what's in Linux kernel 4.10.17.  What's that change?  A few minutes of poking about doesn't find a granular enough changelog.
I was a bit low on links last week; I made up for it this week.
There's a separate Summer of Code section this week.
This week's BSD Now covers the usual roundup of news.  Of note: experimental FreeBSD binary updates, and as you can guess from the title, another method of segregating your web browser from the rest of your environment.
DragonFly now has the wsp(4) device, for Wellspring touchpads on Apple laptops.
I need to always preview these posts, cause cutting and pasting text sometimes brings along formatting elements not visible in the editor, but play heck with the actual layout.
Dragged right out of my RSS feeds.
Daniel Fojt has fixed something that has bothered me for years: you no longer need to manually create wlan interfaces; devd does it for you.