This week's BSD Now has the normal links, but also shows off a "Open Source Retail Box Collection", which is always fun to see - open source that reaches the shelf.  Also: install stories!
dhcpcd in DragonFly is updated to 9.0.2.  This is a bugfix release, so no new features.
A little short, I'm a little tired.
Tab cleanout time!
BSD Now 347 is up with the usual mix of articles, with the highlight for me being "Making Unix a little more Plan9-like".  However, there's also the news that BSD Now is breaking out on their own, away from Jupiter Broadcasting, which is exciting news!  Make sure you are looking at the correct RSS feed to catch their move.
I could not come up with a good roguelike link this week, but I am hitting many of my other usual targets.
Accidental theme of video links, which I would not have expected for a BSD summary.
BSD 346 is out and has some interesting Unix history bits in amongst the other news.
I'm posting now because it's happening Wednesday and waiting for In Other BSDs on Saturday will be too late: the next FreeBSD Office Hours (livestream with Q&A) is happening on the 16th.
My sadly neglected RSS reader is overflowing.  
BUG meetings are canceled, but this can't be surprising at this point.