Lazy Reading for 2018/07/29

Short, perhaps, but blame my traveling.

In Other BSDs for 2018/07/28

A lot of this was early overflow posted ahead; I’ve been on the road.

BSDNow 2^8: Because Computers

The newest BSDNow episode is number 256 but it’s numbered as a power of 2 which makes me irrationally happy.  (Rationally happy?  Squarely happy?  Trying to add in a combination math and language joke there.)

Aaaaanyway, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, some Linux comparisons, ZFS, and so on.  It’s the usual content, though I don’t mean that to sound dismissive.  It’s more that I’ve been driving for the past 10 hours and have to go to work in 6, and I’m going directly from this keyboard to bed.


Ravenports, and picking out packages

A little while back I linked to an excellent deep dive into Ravenports, and added my own bit of statistical guessing at popular packages.  John Marino wants to know what packages people find most useful/most required.  If you have opinions, and I’m sure you do, post something on the Ravenports Google Groups page.

If you are saying to yourself “Gee, what packages did I install and what came in as a dependency?”, here’s an easy way to find out:

pkg query -a '%n %a' | grep 0 | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | less

This lists all “vital” packages, which usually means ones installed with intent, rather than automatically.  This might be a useful thing to post for Ravenports…

Lazy Reading for 2018/07/22

History for a theme, I guess?  It’s a random week.

Your Cyriak video of the month: Indigestion.

In Other BSDs for 2018/07/21

A few of the links are not directly BSD-ish, but related.

Upgrade results, bonus for

Remember the upgrade for machines?  It completed, and it’s interesting to see that SSDs have become so easily available that “spinning rust” hard disk drives are only still useful for bulk storage, and even then probably not for much longer.

Another neat side effect: disk usage on developer system  was cut in half, thanks to HAMMER2 dedup/compression.  It’s a ‘free’ half-terabyte.

Lazy Reading for 2018/07/15

Oddball things week, this week.

In Other BSDs for 2018/07/14

Some overflow, and thank goodness cause I don’t have a day without work this week.