Last anything for the year!  I packed in as much reading material as I could.
Last of the year! Don't forget any end-of-year donations you want to make, either.
I'm a bit late posting this, since I've been on the road, but: BSDNow 226 is up, diving into recent FreeBSD status and Foundation reports, OpenBSD work, and other details.
I'm throwing in some end-of-year lists cause now's the time for it.
Peeter Must has added evdev support in DragonFly.   It's a 'generic input event interface', meaning at least at first it's for keyboards and mice.  It requires a kernel rebuild with 'device evdev' and 'options EVDEV_SUPPORT' included.
If you run 'top -M', CPU states are reported on a per-CPU basis.  It turns out that having over 110 CPUs will cause a segmentation fault - but not any longer!  I wish I had a screenshot for this.
Lots and lots this week!  
If your DragonFly-current system was built between December 6th and 10th, you should upgrade.  There's a memory corruption bug that may bite you otherwise - but it only existed for those 4 days.
You could, if you are running DragonFly-current, create a vkernel using HAMMER2, and try out HAMMER2 even if your underlying disk is HAMMER1.  Odd, but useful.
Accidental theme this week: the 1990s. Your unrelated photo of the week: untitled.