I've got a long backlog of things to link to, so here's the start: ifconfig now has an 'lscan' option, to show long SSIDs.  "Long" means 14+ characters, in this case. (Can you use emoji to create a SSID?  That breaks character count and it's just plain hard to read.  Hmm.)
Tonight, KnoxBUG has Ken Moore presenting on Lumina, at iX Systems.  Go, if you are near Tennessee.  (It's a day early because of Halloween.)
This is another one of those 'wide variety' weeks, so settle in; I am confident at least one of these links will grab you. Your unrelated link of the week: Lynda Barry is the funk queen of the galaxy, a fantastic cartoonist, and now the best ever advice columnist.
For once, I was able to work ahead and get this done early!  
This week's BSDNow turns the tables, and the interviewer is you.  Well, viewer questions for the staff, specifically.  There's also the usual news summaries.
I should have linked this with yesterday's post: Sepherosa Ziehau put together some extended benchmarks on his changes between DragonFly 4.8 and 5.0, and their effects on latency using nginx to serve a lot of requests.
An optimization that applies to you only if you are on DragonFly, running nginx, and dealing with many requests: there's a sysctl that specifically increases available sockets, which will decrease latency; Sepherosa Ziehau's commit message gives stats.
Some overflow, some new. Your unrelated shirt design of the week: Mickey Mouth.  
Cobbled together Friday night because my new job oddly has less hours of work but less time to screw around.  That's for the best.
This week's BSDNow has David Carlier of Afilias interviewed, plus a EuroBSDCon travel report and more.
SSH in DragonFly 5, by default, does not make a password authentication request on outgoing ssh sessions.  You can manually add the option or change the config.  Or use public keys, which is really the best idea if at all possible.
Because of the major version number change, there's no packages built for DragonFly 4.9.  Your options are to either update to 5.1 (which you probably meant to do anyway if you are running current) or manually point to the newest packages.  Or just build from dports. For clarity, this does not affect you at all if you are running 5.0 release.  It only affects you if you are running DragonFly-current and have not updated in a while.
DragonFly 5.0.0 has been released.  HAMMER2 is available in the installer.  Multi-volume/clustering support isn't in there yet, but support for  deduplication/snapshots/booting and so on all are.   My post to users@ has upgrade instructions.  
I have more links to post but I just plain ran out of time. Your crazy update of the week: The Beacon Project. Less crazy/better idea: The Church of the SubGenius | A Documentary.  Pledging.
All at the last minute, this.  
There's no in-reference in this week's BSDNow, but I think they already did the "it goes to 11" reference.  Among other news items, they've caught ClonOS, which I did not know about.
Tomohiro Kusumi has made the userspace tools for HAMMER1 compilable on Linux, so you could create a HAMMER1 volume on a Linux system.  No, it's not the ability to read/write HAMMER1 in Linux, unfortunately - just some manipulation of volumes.  I don't know what his future plans are for HAMMER1|2 on Linux, if any.