7 Replies to “More nginx and DragonFly”

  1. Sephe benchmarks are so fun to read. Wish more people used Dfly so he’d get more acknowledgement.

  2. Agree that his is doing great work; I’d like to point out you also find commits from him over in FreeBSD.

  3. Do any CDNs use DragonflyBSD?

    Seems like FreeBSD / Linux are still the go to for CDN but it seems like more people should be using Dragonfly instead.

  4. Sephe was using DragonFly for a video delivery network in China, which is what drove a lot of his improvements. He’s at a new job now, and I don’t have more detail than that.

  5. I thought he’s with HyperV/Intel. Are those just some sponsors(for this freebsd code)?

  6. @123114

    I think sephe has to run hyperV at work, so to ease his working environment – he commonly commits hyperV patches.

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