Apparently this is the week where I comment about my links. Your unrelated animated GIF of the week: I find this ...  Inspirational?  Hilarious?  
Posting a bit late because I've been traveling, but: BSDNow 204, Wayland, Weston, & FreeBSD is up, with of course talk about windowing systems and an explanation of the "Scrub of Death" which is new to me.
I've got some esoteric stuff this week. Unrelated audio link of the week: Alan Lomax recordings are up on Bandcamp.
It's accidental how-to week!
You can guess what BSDNow is about this week, can't you?   Well, there's more than just ZFS, though there's an excellent historical summary on the site.
There's some meaningful links buried in here, among the trivia.    
Backlog: cleared.
I'm late noting this week's BSDNow - I'm also changing the capitalization, since BIND in this case is an acronym.  No interview this week but discussion of various BSDCan 2017 reports.
Bryan C. Everly eventually figured out how to configure his ThinkPad x230 so that the TrackPoint worked in xorg, and he wrote it down.