3 Replies to “DragonFly on the desktop”

  1. Wow. Lots of work required to get a desktop environment working on dragonfly.

  2. I would like to the the GUI install images resurrected, but that requires someone with the time to invest.

  3. “A lot of work required…”
    I disagree. Running a few “pkg install” commands is not a lot of work.
    There’s a FAQ around somewhere that talks about it.

    Now would having a set of install images that do that for you be “easier”? Sure, but as Justin points out “…time to invest”. So if Anonymous is stepping up to invest that time…

    The biggest issue is: “What desktop environment”. If you make a Gnome install available, someone is going to complain “why not a KDE”. KDE results in why not Gnome. I was pleased to see the article installed Lumina (it’s a lot lighter on resources than most).

    Perhaps the default install images could have a basic X install, using good old twm and let the user decide what they want to install. Anything more would wind up bloating the install images.

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