Matthew Dillon moved some locks and exec() performance jumped up significantly - 50% or more.  This is a single system call, so I don't know how much translates through to real performance change, but it's interesting to see.
The normal monthly meeting for NYCBUG for March 1st (tomorrow) is canceled; next month's meeting is still on.
Another diverse link week, hooray! Your unrelated item of the week: How Wegmans inspired the most rabid fanbase in the grocery world.  I live in the town where Wegmans started.  "Grocery fanbase" is a relative thing, but: yes, they are that good.  
I measure the success of In Other BSDs by how many different BSD flavors I can reference.  This is a good week.
There's the DragonFly syntax for loader hints, and there's the FreeBSD syntax.  If you happen to use the FreeBSD syntax on DragonFly, it'll still work.
This week's BSDNow runs across a wide range of topics, so it's worth browsing through.  There's no interview this week, but there is a report on an interview, if that's meta enough for you.
Here's one of the reasons to have your own permanent server: The New York Times has a daily feature called, not surprisingly, "The Daily".  It's a short 15-20 minute news segment, ready by 6 AM.  It's available through Google Play Music or iTunes, but I leave for work by 6:15, and I don't want to use up cell data downloading something that should arrive on my phone just before I leave the house.  Of course, there's no obvious way to tell Google Play, "I know it's there; go get it right now".  I don't know the iPhone experience, but I imagine it's the same.  I want to download on my time, not on Google or Apple's schedule. Luckily, there's an RSS feed for this podcast.  That, plus this simple script on my DragonFly system, means I can pull it down whenever I'm ready: fetch -o - | grep enclosure | cut -d '"' -f2 | xargs fetch -m So, it's a matter of running that script, and syncing off my own local storage, on my own schedule.  FolderSync Lite will happily sync back to my phone using sftp.  
If you are anywhere near KnoxBUG's meeting place (mid-Tennessee, US), Joe Maloney will be presenting on OpenRC and TrueOS, tomorrow night.  See the link for address and times.
It's Lazy Reading Science week! Your unrelated link of the day: Assault Trombone.  Even if this was lethal, I couldn't take it seriously.  (via)
Lots of storage this week.  
This week's BSDNow has notes about the FOSDEM BSD Devroom, and a triple-shot of Brian Cantrill - all three interviews with him.  If you've been watching BSDNow for a very long time, you may have seen one or several of them, but this is one long replay of all the interviews of an opinionated and lively speaker.  (The first interview's original episode is titled "Ubuntu Slaughters Kittens" for a reason.)
Rimvydas Jasinskas posted an extended description of what's happening with dports.  There's a significant xorg reformatting coming in ports, which is going to be absorbed into dports, but it may take some time.  There's also an odd loss of commit rights for John Marino, who commits (frequently!) to both DragonFly and FreeBSD.  (His followup)  This all translates to some upcoming transition time for dports to accommodate these changes. Note that if you are using dports binaries, especially on DragonFly 4.6 release, this won't really affect you; the way dports is set up, binary sets always work.  It is interesting to hear about future work, in any case.
It's all twofer links this week. Your unrelated entertainment activities of the day: Places to Telnet.  (indirectly via)
A lot of the real content this week is buried in the comments, strangely.