In Other BSDs for 2016/12/31

Last anything for the year!


Lazy Reading for 2016/12/25

Merry Christmas!  I piled up as many links as I could in the theory that many readers have the spare time for it today/tomorrow/next few days.

Your unrelated game link of the week: Lode Runner.  The whole thing in HTML5 as far as I can tell.  (via)

Your unrelated video of the week: AAAAAAAAAAAA

In Other BSDs for 2016/12/24

Merry almost Christmas!


Importing clang to base

Don’t get too excited yet – clang import hasn’t happened.  However, I want to draw attention to Rimvydas Jasinskas’ changes to alternate compiler handling, which would be for importing clang.  His commit message goes into some of the rather thorny problems of transitioning between compilers and releases.

AHCI changes and FBS too

There’s been some updates to the AHCI driver.  Matthew Dillon outlined the changes, with the biggest one being support for FIS Based Switching.  FBS is the ability to send simultaneous streams of data to and from multiple drives on a port multiplier.  Support for it is rare and quirky, but it should significantly improve throughput on a compatible port multipler.  Read his writeup for details, including on how to back up your kernel.

Lazy Reading for 2016/12/18

Typed early while contractors drill holes in my house.

Your unrelated link of the week: arguments over bread terminology.

In Other BSDs for 2016/12/17

Much better this week; I actually have links.

Lazy Reading for 2016/12/11

The post-holiday rush of links has slowed.