I'll just say I did this:
cpdup -VV -v /var/hammer/usr/snap-20160928-0301/local/pgsql/data /usr/local/pgsql/
And managed to bring back my last year or so of RSS feeds and the like.  Phew!
BSDNow 161 has sort of 2 interviews this week.  has Allan Jude talking about his EuroBSDCon trip, plus Michael Shirk talking about Bro on FreeBSD.  Also, lots of news items right on the BSDNow page.
If you had trouble getting your laptop's touchpad to work under DragonFly, try again.  (If you are running DragonFly-current)
I manage to avoid a topic this week, really.  That's good!
It's the convention time of year!
Tomohiro Kusumi is thinking about porting it.  Follow the whole thread for details.
3D printing on DragonFly with a Fabrikator?  Yep, it works.  (from jh32 on EFNet #dragonflybsd)
Partially assembled while I was in some multi-hour conference calls at work.
I've never had as many hackathon links as I did for g2k16 over this week and last.
Roguelike Celebration, happening tomorrow (the 17th) in San Francisco.  Normally this would be in Lazy Reading, but that's too late.  (via)
Matthew Dillon has added powerd, a utility that will automatically step down processor speed based on reported temperature.  The range is configurable, and there's some other nice-to-have features.  This will save your CPU from melting, and probably also your thighs from being burned.
This week's BSDNow has no interview, but some good links, including a meaty one about HTTPS implementation at NetFlix with FreeBSD.
karu.pruun has been trying to get a Macbook's hybrid graphics card to work in DragonFly.  He's been working on a gmux driver, but it needs a framework like Linux's switcheroo.  If this topic interests you, help him out.
Recent changes for virtual machine support and the new powerd utility have been rolled into the release branch for DragonFly. They'll probably be in the next point release, or you can rebuild a release machine now for immediate access. Also mentioned in the update from Matthew Dillon, DragonFly-master users should upgrade carefully as DragonFly migrates to using LibreSSL in base, and dports-based LibreSSL in dports.