Changes in release, master

Recent changes for virtual machine support and the new powerd utility have been rolled into the release branch for DragonFly. They’ll probably be in the next point release, or you can rebuild a release machine now for immediate access.

Also mentioned in the update from Matthew Dillon, DragonFly-master users should upgrade carefully as DragonFly migrates to using LibreSSL in base, and dports-based LibreSSL in dports.

3 Replies to “Changes in release, master”

  1. I love the switch to LibreSSL, but why are base and dports using different versions of LibreSSL, instead of just building everything off of the one in base? Wouldn’t that be simpler?

  2. If you use only the system libressl, the entire operating system will require an upgrade to update packages that use libressl. Having a dports-only libressl means package upgrades can happen in sync.

    Installing dports should generally be separate from the operating system. Otherwise, you end up with a dependency chain for the base system mixed into 25,000 software packages.

  3. Ah, so it’d actually be a lot more complicated. Thanks for the info.

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