Lazy Reading for 2016/07/10

Assembled hastily on Saturday, which is later than I’ve been in a long time.

Unrelated link of the week: Heavy metal riff generator.  (via)  Related to unrelated: Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing – Part 1.  (via)

In Other BSDs for 2016/07/09

I was on the road all this week, so this doesn’t range as far as usual.  I’ll be charging through my RSS feed backlog over the next few days.

Lazy Reading for 2016/07/03

Half of this was done while trapped in day 3 of a 3-day planning and training meeting at work.

Your unrelated video link of the week: Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2016.  Scroll down for the videos, embedded and linked.

In Other BSDs for 2016/07/02

Lots of user group items this week.