A mix of hard thinking and jokes today. Your unrelated video link of the week: Duelin' Firemen.        
I did all of this in a hour, because I had so many tabs saved from during the week.  Don't get overwhelmed! Bonus DragonFly items, sent by Rolinh on IRC:  
Recently published: BSDNow 152, "The Laporte has landed!", with an interview of Leo Laporte and his move to BSD, and also garbage[36], with some OpenBSD release conversation scattered in there.
I'm a bit late on this, but: If you are using DragonFly-current, you will need to rebuild world.  If you are on 4.4, this won't matter until you go to 4.6, and you'd be rebuilding world and kernel for that anyway. (4.6 will probably be tagged this weekend.)
DragonFly 4.6 release candidate 2 has been tagged.  You can pull it directly from the master site in img or iso form (check your local mirror instead if possible), or shift to the new tag. "Where is RC1?" you may ask?  I tagged the first release candidate some days ago, and this bug was immediately found right after.  It was easier to go right to RC2 once a fix was found. This candidate will probably lead directly to a release version, so if you want to run the release version exactly, wait a few days.
Off-the-beaten-path links this week.  Strap in! Your unrelated animated GIF of the week: Permanent Wink.
Adding a new "BUG" category, cause there's enough ongoing BSD user group activity these days that it's a reoccurring theme.  That makes me happy.
Garbage 35 is up, with news about ChiBUG, an OpenBSD hackathon, and the ritual shaming of computer equipment.
Fuzzing sounds cute, but it's about finding security problems, not checking for adorable guinea pigs or llamas or something like that.  It's also episode 151 of BSDNow.   It looks like there's no specific interview this week, but plenty of interesting topics and links listed.
the i915 support in DragonFly now matches the Linux 4.4 kernel, which is good news if you have a Broxton, Skylake, or Cherryview processor, plus it adds a variety of fixes.
If you want to check battery life, 'sysctl hw.acpi.battery.life' may help, as Sepherosa Ziehau points out.  I've always used 'acpiconf -i 0', myself.
I like finding "This is how I did it" stories from people, as they are often really useful for anyone else trying to do the same "it".  Here's Dave MacFarlane's UEFI install story.  (Note he's still needing touchpad support.)
It's a nerdy Lazy Reading today.  Well, nerdier than usual, I think.
I'm meeeeellllllltttinng!
A useful tip: if your DragonFly machine isn't usually on 24/7 (e.g. a laptop, not a server), you should move your Hammer cleanup from 3 AM to sometime when the computer is normally on.
Among other things, garbage[34] brings up joshua stein's desire to form a BSD user group near Chicago - contact him if you're near.
BSDNow has reached their I think semicentennial episode, "Sprinkle A Little BSD Into Your Life".  For this episode, they interview Jim Brown about BSD Certification and his FreeBSD-running sprinkler system, plus more news.