I think I manage to link at least one story for every BSD type this week, or close to it.  
Not older people that use DragonFly, but people of any age using an older release of DragonFly: Bezitopo is Pierre Abbat's topographical program, and he needs testers on versions 4.4 of DragonFly or before.  Please give his open-source program a run if you are on the appropriate versions.  Trying other BSDs, even though not requested, can't hurt.
This week filled up fast, despite me having an exam to take in the middle of it. Your unrelated link of the week: HOW TO OPERATE YOUR FROG.  (via)
I apologize for ending with a question.
Garbage 23 is up cause it's Friday and the content is initially summarized like this: "Brandon tries not to use Google for a week".  It's apparently not that bad?
BSDNow 138, "Rushing into BSD", has an interview with Benedict Reuschling, about the FreeBSD Foundation and Europe.  There's the usual news roundup, plus some notes about upcoming conventions.
The DragonFly 4.4.3 point release is out.  There's a commit page listing the changes between 4.4.2 and 4.4.3.  Nobody will be surprised that there's an OpenSSL update in there. If you want a complete image, it's available for download at your nearest mirror.  If you want to upgrade an existing install:
cd /usr; make src-update 
    (or  src-create-shallow if you don't already have source)
make buildworld && make buildkernel
make installkernel && make installworld
make upgrade
I'd save this for an In Other BSDs note, but that's a whole week away: FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS is published, available in electronic and printed editions.  I suspect this would be interesting to non-BSD users, too.
I'm studying for a test next week, so the amount of random clicking-around that I've been able to do has been limited. Your off-topic pen link of the week: Remember I asked once about decent fountain pens that were not expensive?  I found one, and it's great.
This is one of those weeks where a bunch of release all tumble together by chance.
Garbage number 22 is out, and talks about a number of things, including NVMe support in OpenBSD, programming in Go, and 'reader-submitted issues'.
No interview this week on BSDNow because of travel, but there's still an episode, complete with news and an unboxing video of a new BSD product.  I'm linking to a slightly different location because it's not up on the normal site as of this writing.
Tomohiro Kusumi would like to port Hammer (1) to FreeBSD, as noted in this bug discussion.  It's not even begun to happen, but if you can contribute, please do.
I've finally used up my Lazy Reading links backlog! Your sort-of off-topic link of the week: Michael W. Lucas's fiction is, for a short time, part of a larger book bundle which is available for less than the price of buying it all individually.  Buy now if you want a deal/lots of fiction to read.    
Back to the normal rotation; not done early, not done late.