Lazy Reading for 2015/11/29

I am all over the map this week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Sunday Comics Kickstarter.

Your unrelated open source game of the week: 0 A.D.  Works on FreeBSD and OpenBSD and can run on DragonFly if you can fix gloox.  (via)

5 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2015/11/29”

  1. The gloox failure looks like it’s missing `#include ‘ in dns.cpp.

    The game might need a few small additions in a few places (since I guess you don’t define any of the FreeBSD defines per default), but I don’t expect any huge breakage there. Then again actually having a system with some gpu that is supported by the system helps a lot with testing things. (Even if most of the OpenBSD porting was VM only.)

  2. Seems like it ate the string.h part due to the surrounding angle brackets.

  3. 0ad is in dports now, but there will never be a binary package due to it’s sheer size. It will always have to be built from source. We had to add a couple of minor corrections to get it building on DragonFly.

    Somebody might want to build it to see if it actually works.

  4. For the fountain pens, I got the following advice from a stationery shop owner in France: buy Pilot or Lamy. Both are technically excellent and reasonably priced, almost cheap if compared to the other well-known ones.

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