The default .cshrc in DragonFly has had some changes, which shouldn't be anything but handy... assuming you are using tcsh.  Also: the loader menu defaults to a blue Fred, now.
Pre-assembled over the week, since I have an odd weekend schedule this week.  On the plus side, there's lots to click here. Unrelated link of the week: Tea.  Contains strong language.
It's been a quiet week in BSD-land, at least in terms of me finding links.
If you're looking to change your DragonFly system's keymapping to support a non-US character set, use this users@ post from Adolf Augustin as a cheat sheet to make all the right changes.
BSDNow 082 is up, talking with Bernard Spil about LibreSSL adoption in FreeBSD ports.  There's lots of other material listed - see the BSDTalk page for a summary of all the topics covered.
Matthew Dillon has rewritten the Locking and Synchronization documentation for DragonFly.  Keep this in mind the next time you say "Which lock should I use for this new software/ported software?"  There's also locking(9).
BSDTalk 252 has 18 minutes of conversation with Brian Callahan, who runs, an OpenBSD-based shell provider.
The other day, I updated some packages using pkg.  The default version of PHP went from 5.4 to 5.6.  I ended up doing what /usr/dports/UPGRADING says and making a list of all PHP packages on my system, before removing PHP and its dependencies.  I then reinstalled the packages that used PHP, bringing the needed packages back in at the right version.  pkg 1.4 didn't handle the transition cleanly, unfortunately.  I also had to specify mod_php56 because pkg was trying to get the 5.4 version despite it not being default. None of these are insurmountable problems, but it never hurts to be forewarned.  pkg 1.5 is on the horizon and may have an easier time with sorting these types of dependency/version changes.  This may apply to FreeBSD in addition to DragonFly.
As you read this, I am probably watching a storage processor reboot.

I’d love to see fewer developers demanding superficial perks, and more of them asking to have more time to contribute to the open source products we use, mentor young developers, and learning more about the space they occupy. All of those result in us growing as developers in more than just our coding skills.

Your unrelated link of the week: National Corndog Day.  Has audio.  (via)
Not done in a last-minute rush before the weekend, yay!  Done early cause I have to work over the weekend, boo!
Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day!  An excuse in the U.S. to wear green things and drink beer.
I goofed up and didn't complete last weeks' In Other BSDs before it published, so you get some extra this week.