pfSense class results

Hey, look what I have! There’s a pfSense pair of classes available to take. I went through them and found them worthwhile. pfSense is easy enough to use that a dedicated person can puzzle through most of the settings, eventually, but I don’t have “eventually”, and I want to encourage BSD products in my workplace… so here we are.


DragonFly 4.0.4 out

DragonFly 4.0 has had a minor point release, to 4.0.4.  There was a bug in the initial install where the rescue image installed on disk would be incorrect.  This was fixed after the first time a build/installworld was done, but might as well have it start out right.  There’s some other small fixes, and the release commit will show you the summary.  Download from your nearest mirror or update normally.

Lazy Reading for 2015/03/08

This is the Lazy Reading mix I like – some history, some commentary.

Your unrelated link of the week: Perfect cup of tea renders all other tea pointless.  A sloppy joke, so let me share these recipes for masala chai and hobnobs instead.  I’m hungry.


Lazy Reading for 2015/03/01

The temperatures climbed up to almost not freezing this week!  It feels so warm.

Your unrelated video link of the week: The Chemistry of Cookies.