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In Other BSDs for 2013/10/26

Once again, doing this at the last minute:

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In Other BSDs for 2013/10/19

I am doing this one at the last minute.  I had all the articles noted, but normally I build this post over the course of the week.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/10/12

I got some PC-BSD items this week, too.

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DragonFly pkgsrc repo is frozen

The pkgsrc repository in git for DragonFly is currently frozen.  This is because many people have switched over to dports, and also because it’s a lot of work to keep it functional.  If you do want to pull newer pkgsrc material, use cvs and grab it from a NetBSD server.

As the message notes, don’t go switching to DragonFly-current right now, cause there’s a lot of new material in there and it may not be quite safe.  (There’s an ABI change that will require all new builds of your ports, for instance.)

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BSDTalk 232: Thomas Cort

BSDTalk 232 is 15 minutes of conversation with Thomas Cort about “Minix, NetBSD, and Summer of Code”.

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Here, there, everywhere for mdocml

Franco Fichtner recently received commit rights for DragonFly.  This is so he could import mdocml, a OpenBSD-originating replacement for groff and man page display.  Mdocml has been mentioned before on the Digest, and there’s a downloadable book.  (See the more-interesting-than-it-sounds History of UNIX Manpages there too, but I digress.)

One advantage of using mdocml, as I understand it, is that groff is no longer required to view man pages.  The only thing left in DragonFly that required a C++ compiler was groff.  So, rebuilding could be a bit faster, and a bit less complicated.

Here’s the part that makes me happy: Changes made in DragonFly promptly made it back into NetBSD’s mdocml.   Other changes rolled from DragonFly back into OpenBSD, too, and mdocml is in FreeBSD 10, though I don’t have a src change to point at right now.  It all circled back around to DragonFly, too.  It’s really neat to have a BSD-grown cross-BSD product.

(Incidentally, if you have a Thinkpad and keyboard issues, Franco has a patch for you to try.)


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In Other BSDs for 2013/10/05

Less straight source links this week.

Related to DragonFly: Patrick Welche updated glib2 in pkgsrc, and is interested in hearing how it works for DragonFly users.  If you have pkgsrc on your system and it’s not a quarterly release, try building t.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/09/28

This week was relatively quiet, but also had the most cross-BSD work I’ve seen in a while.  Look at the links and you’ll see.

Here’s more on Unbound, since it seems to be a trend.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/09/21

Finally, a quieter week.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/09/14

Barely getting this done in time for Saturday…


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In Other BSDs for 2013/09/07

There’s been a lot of commit activity across the BSDs, but my list doesn’t seem to reflect that.  A lot of incremental work, I suppose.

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In Other BSDs: 2013/08/31

I need to update this post during the week as I see stuff, or else I spend an hour rushing to get it all together before Satuday.  I need to start watching PC-BSD src changes, too.

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In Other BSDs: 2013/08/24

I hope I’m catching the interesting stuff; I’m only reading the src changes.

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In Other BSDs for 2013/08/10

Definitely Saturdays for this summary.  In other BSDs this week:

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In Other BSDs for 2013/08/03

How many tags can I fit on this post?  I think I’ll aim for Saturday for these BSD catchup posts.  In theory, I can prep this and the Sunday Lazy Reading posts ahead of time, since they tend to be all-week items, and have the whole weekend covered.


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In Other BSDs summary

Here’s what jumped out at me from reading source change mailing lists:

I’m going to have to set a specific day of the week aside for these.

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In other BSDs: Syn Cookies, SipHash, full-disk encryption

I made a hesitant attempt to keep an eye on other BSD source changes over the last week.  I complain about needing coverage for the other BSDs, so I’ll see what I can do:


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Julio Merino and NetBSD, and volunteerism

Julio Merino is not renewing his membership of the NetBSD board of directors; he wrote an extensive post as to why.  I agree with some of the issues he raised; they are possible on any open source project.  I don’t necessarily think the solutions he proposes are correct.

I am clearly biased on this, but I think NetBSD needs a ‘NetBSD Digest’, to talk about the changes being made and the work being done.  I once asked someone experienced in dealing with volunteers how you motivate people without a paycheck, and he said “Celebrate their accomplishments”.  All the BSDs could use that.  (via EFNet #dragonflybsd)

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Pkgsrc and xorg, native vs. packaged

NetBSD uses pkgsrc but ships a version of xorg with NetBSD.  This is effectively producing the same code twice.  There’s a long discussion on tech-pkg@ (first article linked; keep reading) about moving to the pkgsrc version of xorg for NetBSD, which seems like a good idea for focusing effort, as far as I can tell.  The thread goes on quite a way.

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Google Code-In 2012 winners

DragonFly didn’t participate this year, but it’s worth looking at the winners of the Google Code-In work for 2012 – there’s two people that were working on NetBSD in there.

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Some other BSDs

For once, I got to read the commit logs for other BSDs…

The OpenBSD ‘Papers’ page has some videos listed to match the OpenBSD-related presentations from EuroBSDCon 2012.

Not only does NetBSD support the BeagleBoard, but Michael Lorenz is committing from it.

FreeBSD has brought in a new version of bmake and jemalloc.  I’ve seen a number of other commits recently attributed to ‘NetApp’, which is good to see.  Also, preliminary USB support for boot loaders.

PC-BSD is looking to use pkgng, the same binary package manager used in John Marino’s DPorts.  It’s proving quite popular.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/11/04

I’m glad 3.2 is out the door.  I think I spent more time on release notes and watching package builds than any other release.

Your unrelated link of the day: Sir, You Are Being Hunted.  I link to the Kickstarter for this game for no other reason than I think it would be fun to play.

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From make to bmake

John Marino is working on a very good idea: bringing bmake into DragonFly as a replacement for the current ‘make’.  bmake is going through more active development and apparently also in use/will be used? on FreeBSD, so syncing up with the same make flavor as FreeBSD and NetBSD will help everyone.  It’ll also remove the problem where you ‘make’ everything in DragonFly, except pkgsrc packages which you ‘bmake’.  It’s not changed over yet.

(What does OpenBSD use for make?)


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Do you use TeX?

I don’t, but I know there are people that do.  That’s why I’m pointing out this discussion where it appears that TeXLive 2012 won’t support NetBSD, which may mean no DragonFly either.  There’s the not-yet-packaged alternative kertex.  TeXLive is in pkgsrc, so I don’t know if that means the package will be discontinued or just altered.

(Please correct me where I go wrong here; I’m not very familiar with this, but it sounds like a drastic enough change that it should be mentioned.)

Update: as several people pointed out, it’s just prebuilt binary versions that aren’t being provided upstream.  The packages will all still be present in pkgsrc.  So, no functional change for most everyone.

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How to upgrade pkgsrc packages

DragonFly has a page on updating pkgsrc, and so does NetBSD.  I don’t think I linked to the latter before, but even if I didn’t, it’s still useful.

BSDTalk 215: NetBSD update

BSDTalk 215 is out, with several NetBSD folks being interviewed at BSDCan 2012 about NetBSD 6.

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Running something once

Have you ever tried to run a service and realized you forgot to make an entry in rc.conf to enable it?  It’s mildly annoying.  There’s now a “one’ keyword (via NetBSD) that lets you enable a service, once.  It still apparently performs sanity checks, unlike the otherwise-similar ‘force’ keyword.

NetBSD Hackathon, February 10-12

There’s a NetBSD Hackathon going on February 10th through 12th, mostly online.  I mention this because it may have some effect on pkgsrc, used by both NetBSD and DragonFly.  Hackathons for pkgsrc usually happen separately, but no harm in keeping an eye out for any positive benefits.

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Some pkgsrc bulk build comparisons

Here’s some recent x86_64 bulk builds: one on DragonFly 2.11, one on NetBSd 5.0.2, and one on Linux  Some data of note: DragonFly is within 8%-ish total packages built compared to NetBSD, which could be considered the baseline.  Linux, the more common platform for most of the software built, is another step less.  I don’t know if there’s any dramatic conclusion to get from this other than, “Hey, a lot of packages build on DragonFly!”

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Lazy Reading for 2011/10/16

I build this up over the course of the week, so I’m never sure what to put here. Does it matter? The meat is the links.

  • The Binding of Issac.  It’s a roguelike, with shooter elements.  It’s also creepy.  Here’s the Flash demo.  (Windows and Mac only, aww.)
  • Why transparency is a good idea.  (via…  Michael Lucas?  I lost track, sorry)
  • The JFDI Theory of Language Adoption.  This applies to operating systems too; create the shortest possible path between people and what they want to do on that OS.
  • NetBSD has added SQLite to the base system.  (via)  Interesting…  having a database(ish) always available leads to some new ways to keep data, outside of the usually “stuff in a text file” format.

Your totally off-topic link for the week: Fat Birds.

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Mixing pkgsrc and alien packages

Anton Panev is working on a Google Summer of Code project for NetBSD, adding support in pkgsrc for RPM/Debian package formats.  He posted a status report recently; will this come to DragonFly via pkgsrc?  I don’t know!

clang and pkgsrc bulk builds

I spied a bulk build of pkgsrc using clang.  It’s interesting to see the results…  It’s on NetBSD, but it should be possible to try the same thing with CCVER on DragonFly.  Any takers?

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pcc near 1.0; try on DragonFly?

The pcc compiler is nearing 1.0. (via) This is seen as a gcc alternative, and it’s present in NetBSD/OpenBSD. I recall it didn’t work for DragonFly because of a lack of TLS support… Might be different now, if anyone wants to try.  (see prior mentions on the Digest)

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NYCBSDCon surplus

Apparently the surplus money from the recent NYCBSDCon is going to each of the BSD projects.  Great news!  Now, what to do with it…

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More BSD Show!

The BSD Show!, the show I didn’t know was there, already has more 20 minutes more of content; an interview with Adam Hamsik about NetBSD.

They’re looking for more guests, too…

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More pcc notes

The compiler pcc, while having both history and speed, doesn’t get the attention that clang/LLVM gets.  There’s a NetBSD blog article about building NetBSD with pcc.  (via)  I recall it couldn’t be used for DragonFly because of TLS support; I don’t know if that’s still an issue.  It’s been covered here before.

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More Gource and BSD

Paul Onyschuk went and created a very neat and very long Gource movie using one of the oldest codebases out there: NetBSD.  It’s available on Vimeo.  His original data is available if anyone wants to try something similar.

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Someone please make this video

Gource is a tool for visualizations from version control history; the video page has some examples.  (via)  I’d love to see this run on DragonFly.  I’m curious to see what would happen on a huge, old repo, like NetBSD.  Please hlep me, intarwebs!

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Hackathon also for pkgsrc, Feb 19-22

Seen via email and Hubert Feyrer’s blog: There’s a NetBSD hackathon planned for February 19th through the 22nd.  The meetup is via IRC.  Since it’s NetBSD, it’ll include pkgsrc, and if it includes pkgsrc, it affects DragonFly.  If you’re interested, show up – even being there to report on packages that compile or don’t (on DragonFly) would help.

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A project: security checks for pkgsrc

It’s been possible for some time to automatically check for vulnerabilities in installed pkgsrc packages.  However, it requires some initial setup work.  NetBSD now will check automatically if there’s any packages installed.  The same feature could work in DragonFly – I have a post about that even links to the appropriate changes.  Someone want to take this on?

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Huge cleanup for games

Recently, Sascha Wildner committed a huge number of changes to the various games, bringing them in line with what’s on NetBSD and style(9).  This was all put together by Ulrich Spoerlein.

I draw attention to this not because it changed anything with the games in a functional sense, but because it’s huge (450 files changed, 31450 insertions(+), 29998 deletions(-)) and because it came out of nowhere.  It’s always nice to have new surprise contributions arrive.

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Messylaneous for 2009/12/30

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve, and so here are a bunch of links I’ve built up over the past few days.

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Messylaneous for 2009/12/23

Everything that _why the lucky stiff did. (via) _why is one of those things that only the Internet lets exist.  And he used DragonFly!

Roguelike games, evaluated via the Berlin Interpretation, on @Play.  Also, a dedicated Roguelike handheld?

Naoya Sugioka is working on bringing tmpfs to DragonFly – I am a big fan of that idea.

top now uses CTIME, not WCPU.

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Messylaneous for 2009/11/07

Where I get more linkbloggy than usual:

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estd update, new hardware support

Johannes Hofmann has taken over estd, a “frequency scaling daemon for NetBSD and DragonFly”.   The newest release brings multicore support on DragonFly.

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Stathis keeps going

Stathis Kamperis has ported POSIX message queues to DragonFly (from NetBSD) and has his eyes set on veriexec next.

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POSIX message queue soon

Stathis Kamperis, as part of his Summer of Code work, ported NetBSD’s POSIX message queues to DragonFly.  He has a writeup of all the details, and even has test cases!  It should be showing up in 2.5 soon.

BSD Book: virtual labs

Hubert Feyrer, for his PhD, put together a Virtual Unix Lab – a whole lab of  NetBSD systems for teaching System Administration.  It’s a good strategy for an environment where some percentage of the systems will be irretrievably mangled.  It’s available as a book.

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Much like this but for NetBSD

NetBSD now has a Projects Blog and a Twitter account.  I’m not taking credit for the idea, but I do note a definite similarity between that and the DragonFly Digest, to which I say: quick, someone do this for FreeBSD and/or OpenBSD!  More attention to all the BSD work being done is positive.

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Hammer for Linux, and others

Daniel Lorch is working on a port of Hammer to Linux’s VFS, though since he’s using FUSE, it will be able to reach other systems, like NetBSD.  The code is accessible.

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BSD Summer of Code projects

There is, of course, DragonFly project ideas for Google’s Summer of Code.  There are also idea pages up for FreeBSD and NetBSD, both also participating this year.

Port of tmpfs underway

Nikita Glukhov is porting tmpfs from FreeBSD/NetBSD, and is looking for some feedback.

I’ve wanted tmpfs or something similar for a while; I have a reoccurring (if not quite realistic) fantasy of building a system with a ridiculous amount of RAM and using it as a disk.

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BSDTalk 171: Andrew Doran

BSDTalk has Andrew Doran of NetBSD talking about the not-yet-out NetBSD 5 release, for 22 minutes.

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Desktop DragonFly?

Desktop NetBSD” – with the DragonFly LiveDVD and installer, we’re almost able to do the same thing now – a skim of that project page seems to imply we just need to add some more packages.  (via)

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telnetd vulnerability fixed

A vulnerability in telnetd code common to FreeBSD and DragonFly was just discovered; it’s been fixed in DragonFly using code from NetBSD in 1995, strangely enough.  (via #dragonflybsd on EFNet)

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BSDPhone possible

This has been all over the Intarwebs at this point, but: there’s a good rumor that the next Sidekick phone will be running NetBSD on the inside.  Danger, the company that makes the Sidekick, was bought by Microsoft, which makes this a BSD-based phone produced by Microsoft.  I never thought I’d type that sequence of words together.

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Other SMP work

hubertf has a post up about NetBSD’s work to move to a different multiprocessing scheme, along with a 1:1 threading model.  This is similar to what DragonFly is doing, though a different methodology.

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A rant for NetBSD

Charles M. Hannum, one of the originators of the NetBSD project, posted what I’ll call a rant about the state of NetBSD; he wants NetBSD to lead system development and he blames the organizational layout for slowing development.

It appears he wants to return to the less complex organization of the early days of NetBSD; I don’t think that’s relevant in this stage of NetBSD’s development.   (Is NetBSD the oldest existing open source operating system project?)

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Interview with Jan Schaumann

Daemonnews has an interview with Jan Schaumann up;
the interview is about NetBSD as a desktop system. Many of the answers also apply to DragonFly, as NetBSD and DragonFly both use pkgsrc.

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NetBSD Wiki up

NetBSD now has a wiki up as an experiment in making documentation easier, much like our own.

(Thanks, hubertf, who writes some good points about how (un)easy it is to create documentation…)

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NetBSD 3 released

‘Tis the season for new releases, as NetBSD 3.0 is out.

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OnLAMP: Encrypted Disk

OnLAMP has an interview with Roland Dowdeswell, author of CGD (“Crypto-Graphic Disk”) for NetBSD. CGD is an interesting disk driver that encrypts (and decrypts) disk data.

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