In Other BSDs for 2021/06/05

Literally this is my open browser tabs pasted in order.

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  1. Re. Jitsi mailing list post.

    Never – *ever*! – add a regular user to group `wheel`. As per FAQ, either `chown` the device node, or `chgrp` to `staff`, `users`, etc. Again, *NEVER*, `wheel`!

  2. Rjc’ll have to be a bit more specific about that exhortation. Adding the local administrator (someone who can “su”) to the wheel group is how it’s always been done. That’s what the wheel group is *for*.

    There’s half a cite in the comment “as per FAQ”, but that doesn’t immediately lead to back-up references or justifications: which FAQ? Where?

  3. @Andrew

    Admin? Sure. Regular user who only needs access to the webcam? Hell, no!

    There’s a link in that email and, in OpenBSD land, there’s only one FAQ ;^)

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