NVMM lands in DragonFly

Aaron LI’s added NVMM, hardware acceleration for virtual machines, to DragonFly.

The version of qemu in dports is not set up to support this, yet.  Until then, you can download a prebuilt version.

Since NVMM originated on NetBSD, the NetBSD documentation page for it describes how to use it quite well.  There’s a man page in DragonFly for it too, of course.  There’s even basic machines to try.

4 Replies to “NVMM lands in DragonFly”

  1. NVMM is kool and it’s kool that it kan be used in DragonFly BSD!

  2. Aaron LI says:

    Yo, I’ve written a simple introduction and guide document for NVMM on DragonFly: https://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/docs/howtos/nvmm/

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