No mini-theme emerged this week.
I had a lot of links built up for this; finished early.
If you are trying to use both NAT and IPv6 with pf on DragonFly, there was a bug (seen here with FreeBSD) with :0 where it would use link-local addresses.  It's now fixed.
If you are using 'set skip on ...' in your pf config, it used to match any interface that matched the specified type.  It now only matches members of that named group.  That may change behavior of your pf rules; check the commit to see what to look for.
Oddball multimedia is the mini-theme.
The NetBSD Annual General Meeting is today.
This week's BSD Now has a title taken from the last Beastie Bits link - which is worth following.
Still working on cleaning up RSS backlogs, so this was done early. Your unrelated noise music of the week: GROAR by Juanjosé Rivas.  (via)
"BSD" is in almost every line as a title.  Maybe not a surprise, but visually noticeable.
I can't help but think of this as the 1# episode of BSD Now; tell me if you get why.  Anyway, there's lots of OpenBSD in this week's BSD Now.
I have a nice weird mix going on today. Your unrelated video of the week: Frank & Beans - Hugo [official video].  I've linked to other shardcore stuff before, and thought I had previously linked to this video's predecessor, but I can't find it. It's very good though also very Uncanny Valley.  (also via)
My BSD RSS feeds are overflowing.