Lazy Reading for 2022/05/15

Still working on cleaning up RSS backlogs, so this was done early.

Your unrelated noise music of the week: GROAR by Juanjosé Rivas.  (via)

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  1. Chris Siebenmann is correct in observing X resources are not used by Gnome, GTK and other toolkits. This may be viewed as a failure. Note, however, that the problem X resources solve–associating configuration parameters with the X server display hardware and decoupling them from shared host and user-level filesystems–was not even mentioned in the article.

    In the non-networked environments that form the majority of today’s development systems one does not regularly mix and match X server display hardware with user filesystems and X clients running on different systems. Even the simplest case of home directories shared over NFS is increasingly rare. Thus, the problem that X resources solve doesn’t exist for many developers and is definitely not the focus that it used to be.

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