Maybe hardware hacks is the sub-theme this week.
BUG meetings seem to be happening again, which is nice.
Since DragonFly 6.x is a major number change, there's no prebuilt packages that match that release number.  As of this writing, the mirror master site shows 5.10 packages, which would work... if that was the next release.  That's where the number change trips it up.  There should be new 6.x packages in the next few days.  (Thanks to Jan Peter Vogt for the reminder)

This week's BSD Now is more technical than usual, talking about a bunch of setup options. The title lead is an article about sandbox environments in different BSDs, though unfortunately vkernels are not covered.

The first RC for DragonFly 6.0 is branched.  I don't expect a need for a second one; this release has been a long time baking (look at the commit list!)  and is pretty well refined.
I'll be working on branching and releasing DragonFly 6.0 over the next while.  We're overdue for a release.  Tentatively, I'll branch tomorrow night, and start working on test images and release notes.  The release will come in about a week, if there's no surprises.
Some nice in-depth reading awaits you below.
I linked to a story about Xenix, which might be a step too far.  
Along with the normal news summaries, the latest BSD Now offers a bounty to the first person implementing Coordinated Mars Time; a worthy idea.
Some looks backward to prior links, but in a good way.
I'm hitting all the unixes.
I thought I had done this before, but apparently not: the site is switched to https by default.  Tell me if you notice problems from that.
This week's BSD Now covers the usual mix of articles - I see some Gemini sneaking in! - and mentions something I should have; the revamp of FreshBSD.