Accidental theme of UNIX-ish history this week. Your unrelated music of the week: The Most Noble Adventures of Erebor's Finest Son, In His Quest To Butcher Orcs And Save The World.   "Metal, minus those boring verses, choruses and solos, thus leaving only the most metal of song components; riffs and slams."  It's bebop in metal form, and if you understand that joke you are a music nerd and it's wonderful.  (via)
A FreeBSD-heavy week.
Link text back to normal.
It's the week of Very Long and Excited Page Titles that Give Me Long Link Lines.
If you edit /etc/fstab, and then later change something like the proc filesystem from OpenJDK, you might not boot normally.  Antonio Olivares has a solution for you.
I went analog for a number of things this week.  Not unusual! Your unrelated music of the week: Xvious_exe by woob.  (via)
Vermaden, who I link to on the regular, has been doing an excellent job of posting BSD links to
I always thought IRC was pretty decentralized, but I didn't realize talk(1) was designed to work machine-to-machine.  That means in theory that if you have a talk(1) binary on your machine, you could chat directly to anyone else with the same binary, even on a different platform.  Since 4.3BSD!  Anyway, I only realized this because of this recent bugfix thanks to Dan Cross.
A very straightforward title in this week's BSD Now; worth listening to for more information on Wireguard, the new hotness.
The short answer is: works great.  The version in dports lags, cause it's based on what's in the FreeBSD package collection, and that's not updated as quickly. This is technically the prerelease, since the official one is a few months off.  TeX Live binaries can be downloaded directly for DragonFly.
If you upgrade pkg on your system, it may start erroring out.  This is because the default config will confuse the newer version.  To fix this, you can copy over a working config and the problem will go away.  I expect this may only be a problem until the next release.
This is a good week for variety; I managed to get historical links, game links, music links, hardware... checking all the boxes except roguelikes, darnit.
This bulked up fast this week.
This week's BSD Now talks about the usual hardware, but also gets into the recently announced Allen K. Briggs scholarship.