4 Replies to “A fix for sudden Lua errors in pkg”

  1. Aaron LI says:

    This issue is caused by the inconsistency between DPorts (freebsd ports as well) and pkg(8).

    When upgrade pkg from 1.14.x to 1.15.x or 1.16.x, pkg will first remove the df-latest.conf if it’s the same as df-latest.conf.sample, and after installing the new version, pkg will recreate the df-latest.conf from df-latest.conf.sample, but this step fails due to the Lua error. So the final symptom is that df-latest.conf gets wiped.

    After upgrading to pkg 1.15.x or 1.16.x, this Lua error won’t occur.

  2. Eric Olson says:

    When is the next release?

  3. Eric – when we have an update for DRM, though I haven’t talked to Francois recently to see how it is going.

    (I am making some assumptions here)

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