This week's BSD Now has a bunch of "project status report" items - normal reports, not end of year roundups, despite the date.  Good reading if you aren't familiar with the work involved, in any case.
[caption id="attachment_25255" align="alignnone" width="375"]ADM-3A front console switches It took me a while to figure out you have to press down on the switch, not rotate.[/caption]
Correct ttys setting for ADM-3A.

So, if you find yourself in possession of an ADM-3A terminal, and want to attach it to a DragonFly machine, here is the /etc/ttys config (viewed on the ADM-3A itself of course) and the front switch settings that worked for me.

Remember, ^h deletes.

As in, right now, and online, so join in and say hi.
If you remember HAMMER1's ability to create a volume that spanned multiple local disks, that capability's been introduced to HAMMER2.  Look at the commit message to see how it works so far. Note that this is not multi-master replication.
I haven't had many posts this past week because of a mix of work then holidays. but there's always Lazy Reading.
Lots of history this week.  
There's an Q&A session for this week's BSD Now.  I haven't looked carefully enough to see if this is the last for the year, but there's some fun what-are-you-running-at-home material in there.
This week's links are all fun, but you had better have some time to read. Your unrelated music of the week: Shimmer, Then Disappear.
Working on less traditional BSD links here.
This week's BSD Now talks about shell history, Plan 9, and new-to-me ArisbluBSD, so it should be fun.
This won't affect your day-to-day operation of DragonFly, but it's interesting: apparently, uptime was always (now minus boot time).  If you reset the clock on the machine, however, it would no longer be accurate.   Now it is accurate, for a number of utilties.
I lean more to the fun topics this week.
Straight from tabs.  
This is one of my more backwards-looking Lazy Reading posts. Your unrelated music of the week: High Command, recommended by the thrashiest band of recent times: Power Trip.