ADM-3A and DragonFly
ADM-3A front console switches
It took me a while to figure out you have to press down on the switch, not rotate.
Correct ttys setting for ADM-3A.

So, if you find yourself in possession of an ADM-3A terminal, and want to attach it to a DragonFly machine, here is the /etc/ttys config (viewed on the ADM-3A itself of course) and the front switch settings that worked for me.

Remember, ^h deletes.

3 Replies to “ADM-3A and DragonFly”

  1. Thomas Nikolajsen says:

    There is a typo in the header.
    But nice to know ;)

    Btw I think I do rember using an adm-3a back in the bsd 4.1 days or so. It was around 1984.

  2. Typo fixed – thanks for noting it.

  3. Thomas Nikolajsen says:

    Btw my memory wasn’t that good: 1984 was 4.2 bsd, not 4.1.

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