Spooky Halloween BSD News!  Well, not really.
Well, it doesn't fix anything, but it seems like an answer that almost always helps: running sysmouse usually fixes most X11 mouse problems.
Two shopping months until Christmas!
It's apparently release week?
This is the most straightforwardly-named BSD Now in a while: it's an interview of Kyle Evans talking about his projects in FreeBSD.
Some esoteric gems this week.
This list of links runs in the same order of the BSD RSS feeds in my reader.  What a coincidence!
There's now -K (kernel) and -U (user env) options to uname.  Minor, but good to know the change.
This week's BSD Now has the usual roundup, with I think the highlight being a discussion of how SSDs can sometimes still not be fast enough for a ZFS scrub, depending on how it's scheduled.
The ChiBUG monthly meeting has gone virtual, so go now if you are interested.  The thread about it also includes some notes on how to connect under BSD that may be useful beyond this immediate event.
I always thought of cross-pollination - sharing of code between BSDs - as a good thing.  This seems like the most basic way to do that: same base sh.
I guess history is a micro-theme?
I should have set this to post at 10:10AM GMT.
This week's BSD Now talks about ZFS, TrueNAS, IPC, wildcards, and the UNIX family tree, for a mix of the old and new.