No mini-theme; I'm balanced!
No theme, but plenty of variety.  
This week's BSD Now is a nice round number, 365, and covers all sorts of subjects.  I like the command line tools vs Hadoop link.
Something I didn't know but also never tried: ttyv0, the base terminal when booting up DragonFly, can extend to a max of 160 characters.  Given that I am used to 80, that seems like overkill.
As part of installing DragonFly, Jonathan Engwall happened to create a script to install every part of xfce4 that he wanted.  I'm linking to it in case you want it too. (xorg and web browser install not included)
No accidental theme this week.
Started this with overflow from last week.
I keep posting about how Daniel Fojt is updating basic utilities in DragonFly, and he keeps doing more of it - OpenSSH, bmake, and dialog.  Some of them are multiyear jumps, and his commit messages nicely summarize the more dramatic changes.
Unofficial theme this week is open source project contribution.
Check the BSDCan videos this week; there's more than a day's worth of material right there.
This week's BSD Now links to recent items on the UNIX way of tools, which is certainly a source of endless thinkpieces but also good history to know.