You may be able to tell one of my link sources changed RSS feeds, so I had some catchup to do this week.
Note there's several BUG meetings coming up. Your book plug of the week: "Of course, if you don't want to sponsor a book on SNMP I can't blame you for that either. It's a horrible topic that most of us would rather pretend didn't exist."
HAMMER2 is Copy on Write, meaning changes are made to copies of existing data.  This means operations are generally atomic and can survive a power outage, etc.  (You should read up on it!)  However, there's now a fsck command, useful if you want a report of data validity rather than any manual repair process.
The buildworld cycle now includes dsynth(8).  Your buildworld will take a bit longer, but now you can immediately bulk build packages if using binaries isn't right for you.
Lots of link diversity this week.
The headline is a little misleading; umtpx has been in DragonFly forever, but now utmp is really retired and programs adjusted to match.  The change is not that user-affecting and utmp data is still accessible; this is part of the ABI change alluded to over the past week. If you are not familiar with utmp(5) and utmpx(5), they are databases in /var that track user logins and system restarts.  utmpx is of course better cause it has an X.
I goofed and didn't post about the SEMIBUG meeting tonight, so it is too late now...  but this video was the topic of discussion.
Are you near Chicago?  ChiBUG meets tonight.  Go, if you are near.
If you are on DragonFly-current, the ABI changes of the past few days are complete and new dports packages are built, so now is a good time to do a complete build and install of world and kernel, and then a pkg update. 5.6 users can keep on keeping on; no breakage there.
Way eclectic this week.  Enjoy!  I will be working, as I haven't had a day off in 3 weeks - but don't be too sorry for me, I chose this.  The magic of pre-scheduling posts fixes it. Your unrelated music post: The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: August 2019.
Still a backlog, no matter how much I link.
A little late linking this, but never mind: BSD Now 315 includes, among its other usual links, a recap of the vBSDCon experience, from the just-completed event.