A reminder: tell me about bugs.
I'm on mailing lists for KnoxBUG, SEMIBUG, and NYCBUG, so I know to post about upcoming events.  I know there are more out there - can any members point me at the appropriate announcement mailing lists?
BSD Now 291 is up.  The show notes lead with an involved BSD-in-production story that I just realized affected me; some simple hosting I take care of for a non-profit was involved in the move they describe.
Lots of link clustering this week.
Heading towards spring, and I have weekend work, so pasting in everything I've got handy:
SEMIBUG's monthly meeting is tonight, with Nick Holland presenting OpenBSD History.   Go, if you are near Michigan.
There's a bounty entry for Aarch64 support for DragonFly, on the bounties page.  This is a difficult goal, but I think worth it.  Add to it if you agree.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
There's a number of long-running BSD series out there nowadays, some of which I'm linking to here.  That's a nice change.
A reminder: If you are near Japan, AsiaBSDCon 2019 is on March 21-24, in Tokyo.  Go if you are near.
That somewhat symmetric title is to note a new device feature on DragonFly: if you use disklabel to label a disk, its parts will automatically appear under /dev.  So, if you label a disk MYVOLUME, and it has 3 parts, a, b, and d, you will automatically gain a /dev/part-by-label/MYVOLUME.a, /dev/part-by-label/MYVOLUME.b, and a /dev/part-by-label/MYVOLUME.d.
BSD Now 289 is up, titled "Microkernel Failure".  Among other things, the show notes has links to all 18 existing parts of the FreeBSD desktop series that's been going on for some time.
Thanks to Aaron LI, you can now (actually, since December) run ifconfig without involuntarily loading associated kernel modules, with the -n option.  See his commit message for an example.
I'm finally cleaning out some things I never got to post when new: last October, the DragonFly installer gained the ability to ask for terminal type, when used over a serial cable.  Thanks to Diederik de Groot for that one. (A rare combination... but when you need it, you won't have an alternative.)
The binary package repository for DragonFly-current has been updated with the latest build of all packages, thanks to tuxillo and others on EFNet #dragonflybsd doing a lot of work. Tuxillo noted: there's new rust, thunderbird, firefox, nginx, several llvm versions, and a new chrome (version 72).  freerdp is temporarily broken; use remmina with the rdp plugin instead.  openvpn isn't upgraded yet cause the build was with libressl, which is a broken combination - it'll all be built with openssl in a future run. Issues go here, submissions of work go there.