I finally used up my overflow links. Your odd video link of the week: what if the Doctor Who theme was composed by John CarpenterVangelisJean-Michel Jarre, or Tangerine Dream?  (via)
The new look on undeadly.org sure is nice.
No interview this week, but BSDNow 208 notes a certain recent software release and also links to something I've always wanted to see - a BSD games site.  It's OpenBSD oriented, but it probably applies pretty evenly across all the BSDs.
A new episode of garbage has heaved forth, with an interview of Patrick Wildt from the recent Toronto hackathon.
This is overflow from last week's overflow. Your web game of the week: Sword Shop.  Unity, so not sure where it can run other than Windows, unfortunately.  (via)
I think I managed to avoid any theme this week.
This happened a while ago, and I'm just catching up to it: the virtio_scsi(4) driver has been added to DragonFly; ported from FreeBSD and worked on by a number of people.  'man virtio' if you want background.
Questions are this week's accidental theme.
You all have seen the hier(archy) man page, correct?  BSDNow 206 gets into things like the new Lumina and Plasma desktops.
Matthew Dillon has committed two bugfixes both to DragonFly-current and DragonFly 4.8.  I don't know the exact circumstances under which it would affect someone, but the commits are there to evaluate.
There's a new facility in DragonFly: kcollect(8).  It holds automatically-collected kernel data for about the last day, and can output to gnuplot.  Note the automatic collection part; your system will always be able to tell you about weirdness - assuming that weirdness extends to one of the features kcollect tracks.  Here's some of the commits.