Sendmail removed, DMA added

John Marino has removed Sendmail from DragonFly (as part of the base system), and replaced it with DMA, the DragonFly Mail Agent.  If you just need delivery to local users, DMA will do the trick.

The announcement message covers what you need to do to deal with it (potentially nothing), and there’s more in-depth documentation to cover how to switch if you need more full-featured software.

6 Replies to “Sendmail removed, DMA added”

  1. This is a very interesting and welcome change. Isn’t FreeBSD now the only *BSD with sendmail installed?

  2. It was about time. I wish every BSD would take this Sendmail crap out. FreeBSD is still using it. OpenBSD was the first to take it out and NetBSD is at least on a more usable one Postfix. But that’s not good as well, because you are then bound to use one version they have in. It is better to have nothing and let the ppl decide what to install from ports.

  3. NetBSD took it out first.
    OpenBSD took it out only 6 months ago.

  4. Yes, that’s Sendmail specific. What I meant is that OpenBSD was the first to take this big uselsess server out. NetBSD only replaced it with another one (Postfix).

  5. Well, not quite.

    NetBSD added postfix to NetBSD 1.5 ~ Dec 2000, it become default with NetBSD 2.0 ~ Dec 2004.

    Sendmail was removed from NetBSD 4.0 ~ Dec 2007.

    So for 7 full years, NetBSD had not one, but two giant MTA’s in base. But they do have the honor of removing Sendmail first.

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