Lazy Reading for 2015/03/01

The temperatures climbed up to almost not freezing this week!  It feels so warm.

Your unrelated video link of the week: The Chemistry of Cookies.

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  1. Do you really think that now that the US government officially voted to own and regulate the internet that they won’t also control the DNS filter content?

  2. Well actually the FCC just took it over. The Legislature nor the Judiciary had anything to do with it – the Executive did heap pressure on though.

    Democracy… is that when a group of 5 people vote to regulate an entire industry?

  3. Why the Web Won’t Be Nirvana:

    “You have reached the limit of 5 free articles a month”

  4. Anonymous #1 – until there’s a Great Firewall of America, no, I don’t think there’s going to be some sort of conspiracy where the US starts poisoning DNS on a large scale that knocks out unrelated sites.

    Anyway, I don’t see how talking about some not-even-close-to-existing scenario in the U.S. in the future has anything to do with what’s obviously happening now, multiple time, as outlined in the article. You’re either really, really frantic about the FCC’s actions (and don’t understand them) or are astroturfing. I can’t tell which.

  5. @Justin
    I just thought it was fitting that the issue had been unintentionally summed up in one line.

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