Updates: OpenSSL, libdialog, tzsetup, locale

I know OpenSSL in DragonFly was just updated, but Peter Avalos has done it again, bringing it to version 1.01e.  I assume this new version is to fix some recently-exposed problems.   He also has updated libdialog, which was previously not located in contrib/, as sime third-party software needed a more modern version.  As a side effect from that, tzsetup in DragonFly now matches the version in FreeBSD and NetBSD.  And, Sascha Wildner has updated the locale files on DragonFly, also to match FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Lazy Reading for 2013/02/10

For once, I didn’t accidentally post this too early.  I hope you have some spare time; there’s a lot of meaty links this week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Anthony Clark of Nedroid.com is selling his sketchbook; 101 pages as a digital download, for $1.  Look at his strip or his Tumblr doodles if you want to know more before, but that’s quite a deal.  Nedroid is the source of one of my favorite character names: Beartato.  Also makes a good shirt.

Dealing with problematic git upgrades

If you have git installed, and you are trying to upgrade it, you may have problems.  The scmgit-docs package dependency requires some DocBook files that aren’t always accessible.  If you do run into this problem, there’s 3 separate options:


Some other BSDs

For once, I got to read the commit logs for other BSDs…

The OpenBSD ‘Papers’ page has some videos listed to match the OpenBSD-related presentations from EuroBSDCon 2012.

Not only does NetBSD support the BeagleBoard, but Michael Lorenz is committing from it.

FreeBSD has brought in a new version of bmake and jemalloc.  I’ve seen a number of other commits recently attributed to ‘NetApp’, which is good to see.  Also, preliminary USB support for boot loaders.

PC-BSD is looking to use pkgng, the same binary package manager used in John Marino’s DPorts.  It’s proving quite popular.