Lazy Reading for 2013/02/10

For once, I didn’t accidentally post this too early.  I hope you have some spare time; there’s a lot of meaty links this week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Anthony Clark of is selling his sketchbook; 101 pages as a digital download, for $1.  Look at his strip or his Tumblr doodles if you want to know more before, but that’s quite a deal.  Nedroid is the source of one of my favorite character names: Beartato.  Also makes a good shirt.

4 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2013/02/10”

  1. For historical value should google ever fix the translation, it translates as FreeBSD 3.3

  2. Regarding keyboard layouts check these out:

    Nordtast (German). There is no website anylonger (would have been in German anyways).

    Neo2 & 3. Mainstream. The new one might be good.

    Aus der Neo Welt (AdNW). Imo the currently best layout, for english and german. (it’s in German…)

    The cool thing is that they use algorithms to calculate the best movement of the hands, that is: the shortest distance for fingers to move (= use the middle row most); switch hands as often as possible. Hereby every key gets a value, depending on its ease of pressing it. The 8 keys where the fingers normally lay have the lowest value; they then increase going outward. A programm then places the keys in a random position, then calculates the layout’s score ( probability of letter x value of the key). Following two letters are switched and the process repeats. Of course digraphs (like ‘th’) or experimental even trigraphs (german ‘sch’) are taken into regard.

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