In Other BSDs for 2015/06/27

More and more BSDCan videos keep showing up.  (See the bottoms of individual speaker pages on the BSDCan site.)  Here’s the PC-BSD summary.

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    With regard to the gentleman talking about puppet server. While he may have meant puppet master, which is technically the exact same ruby scripts just with different options set in the configuration file, there is also a puppet server project recently spun up by puppetlabs to replace that portion of the code, and it’s a rewrite of the rack app portion of the code into clojure. The jvm itself might run on openbsd, but you would have to do all the packaging of everything related to that project on your own. Puppetlabs officially does not support any BSD, unfortunately, although with some coercion you can make it work on most of them. I’m not in the OpenBSD mailing list though.

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