In Other BSDs for 2015/02/21

There’s some DragonFly material in here, though I normally confine that to the rest of the week.  It’s inextricable from the rest of the links.

3 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2015/02/21”

  1. Does PC-BSD give a reason for switching to IPFW for their firewall?

    Does this mean that pf’s future on (other than OpenBSD) is in doubt?

  2. I don’t think it means anything for pf one way or another.

    As for why PC-BSD switched – ask them directly. I’m not trying to be standoffish; any answers I come up with would be pure speculation.

  3. PF is the default firewall of OS X after Apple dropped IPFW in favour of PF few years ago. So PF definitely has the future outside of OpenBSD IMHO. The future of PF on FreeBSD has been in doubt for many years but in the past year it become pretty clear that it is only matter of time before FreeBSD drops PF or whatever historic version of PF it currently runs (PF has not been updated for over 5 years in FreeBSD and has been practically rewritten in the meantime from the ground up on OpenBSD. OS X runs far more recent version of PF than FreeBSD. The real question is why PFSense and OPNsense guys are putting so much work into something that has no future.

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