Category: DragonFly

  • IPv6 and NAT fix

    If you are trying to use both NAT and IPv6 with pf on DragonFly, there was a bug (seen here with FreeBSD) with :0 where it would use link-local addresses.  It’s now fixed.

  • Behavior change for skip in pf

    If you are using ‘set skip on …’ in your pf config, it used to match any interface that matched the specified type.  It now only matches members of that named group.  That may change behavior of your pf rules; check the commit to see what to look for.

  • sysctl for sysctl

    There’s a new sysctl(8) setting, sysctl.debug, which shows you which sysctl nodes are being requested.  I am entertained by the pseudo-recursive style of my explanation.

  • HAMMER2 fixes

    There’s some bugfixes for HAMMER2 and the kernel that will probably mean a point release soon.

  • CI feed on DragonFly site

    Headlines from this here Digest show up on, and have for a long time.  They are now joined with reports from the continuous integration builds of DragonFly (i.e. Jenkins)  DragonFly is automatically rebuilt to test recent commits, and there’s a report for each build on the build machine.

  • Guessing future goals

    I think I know what Aaron Li might want to work on for DragonFly… (I am only guessing; I have not asked.)

  • DragonFly and bhyve

    If you want to run DragonFly as a bhyve guest using UEFI, here’s the recipe.

  • Me at SEMIBUG

    I’m talking about DragonFly at SEMIBUG’s online meeting (using Jitsi) tomorrow. UPDATE: is the Jitsi link.  It’ll be 7 PM Eastern time.

  • HAMMER2 vs USB stick pulls

    It’s apparently possible to get a panic by yanking a HAMMER2 disk out of your system, which is only likely when using a USB thumb drive, formatting it to HAMMER2, and not bothering to unmount it.  Anyway, that poorly-described-by-me problem is fixed.

  • ipfw and Hammer fixes in DragonFly

    There’s an odd bug in ipfw that is now fixed in DragonFly 6.2/6.3.  If you are using ipfw and adding networks and hosts in a specific order, the netmask will be set wrong. There’s also a problem with the overnight bulkfree cleanup in Hammer that’s had various attempts to fix it over time – it’s […]

  • New US mirror for DragonFly

    Sandy River is the newest DragonFly mirror, with ISOs and dports packages.

  • New binary packages for DragonFly

    It’s based off 2022Q1 from FreeBSD Ports, and it’s available now through pkg.

  • DragonFly as a KVM guest

    There’s a new page on the DragonFly site covering how to install DragonFly as a guest system under KVM.

  • pkg and Meta v1 support

    If you run pkg on DragonFly and get a warning about “Meta v1 support ending”, it’s only a warning.  It will go away on its own.

  • A reminder on X

    I know I’ll need this again, so I am making a post out of it.  If you are running a DragonFly system through NVMM using the excellent site instructions, and you want X apps to display on a local Windows workstation, you need to: Install VcXsrv (or your X server of choice) on Windows and […]

  • Date output sanity

    I use date(1) just rarely enough that I can never remember the right arguments to create a human-readable result.  Now, there’s an -I arg to date(1) that uses a word instead of a format string to get ISO8601 output.

  • Option options for getopt

    I realize my title is a little bit buffalo buffalo buffalo, but it makes sense: getopt(3) now has a double colon option to indicate an optional argument.  I link to it because I like seeing the length of the trip to DragonFly.  It started as a GNU option, then showed up in NetBSD, brought to […]

  • Syscalls, listed

    This is pretty esoteric, but all of DragonFly’s syscalls can be found in the links Aaron LI provided in this post.  There’s code in there that dates back to Berkley UNIX.

  • amdgpu notes

    If you are using AMD graphics on DragonFly, Aaron LI’s “how I set this up” post may be useful to you.

  • NVMM+QEMU+BIOS preferred

    There’s a reported bug with NVMM and QEMU if you boot a guest using UEFI.  Until it’s fixed, use BIOS.