5 Replies to “DragonFly and Wireguard soon”

  1. What features does DragonflyBSD *not* have that would cause someone to pick another BSD instead?

  2. I’d say hardware support, like GPU (both Intel and AMD), WiFi, and ACPI suspend/resume.

  3. @Aaron LI

    Any features a server usage would need?

    (Since gpu, WiFi, suspend aren’t needed for server)

  4. For a server, DragonFly is also lacking support for modern NICs, like 10/25/40 GbE. The virtualization support also lags behind; for example, old jail compared to FreeBSD, and no network virtualization like FreeBSD’s VNET.

  5. I run a web server on DragonFly (a fairly old i5 Lenovo ThinkStation), and it functions well. I would love to use DragonFly on a ThinkPad (X220 og T520), but lack of suspend/resume is a no-go.
    FreeBSD lets me suspend and resume, OpenBSD too, and has working hibernate to disk as well.

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