2 Replies to “BSD hardening scripts”

  1. Are there scripts for OpenBSD because it’s so secure by default?

  2. Well, when I first started by BSD journey some months back I used OpenBSD for my Website, DNS, and Email server. It was then I wrote my first Python script out of a need to block the thousands of SSH attempts per hour until I could learn my Hosts firewall application rules and pick a safe port, etc.

    So, I have a unique OpenBSD authlog script that parses against a whitelist and will hot reload pf tables with anyone un-authorized for SSH. It also configures the a robust multi-homed Firewall pf.conf to block all Vulnerability Scanners and Bad Robots.

    In addition, I made a GoAcess Web Stats Analyzer configurator for OpenBSD, auto-configures ASN data, allows UptimeRobot and UpDown.io http monitoring through the firewall and is themed in OpenBSD colors.

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