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  • Lazy Reading for 2020/01/19

    No theme, just lots of links. 1978 “Heathkit” D&D Digital Dice Tower.  Homebrew, Nixie tubes, D&D dice; this was made for me to link. VisiData, command line tabular data manipulation.  (thanks, Paul Ivanov) The History of Games conference Call for Papers is out.  (via) No leap second this year. Related: Did you know there is […]

  • Updated DragonFly multiprocessing benchmarks

    The performance page on has been updated with numbers on symmetric multiprocessing performance.  (Scroll to the 2018 section.)

  • Lazy Reading for 2018/09/16

    Unofficial history theme this week – but not UNIX-specific, for once. Why the Future of Data Storage is (Still) Magnetic Tape.  Don’t tell the loaders at my workplace; they are crap.  (via) Making Ubuntu bug reports seems to be useless (or pointless). Hex codes for all emoji.  (via) Mechanical keyboard / Cherry history. Rise of […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2018/09/02

    Unofficial accidental “time” theme this week.  Also charts! “GlitchPEG is perhaps the first screen saver that’s excellent at detecting buffer overflow exploits.”  XScreenSaver  5.4 is out. Arguably the same topic: A Brief History of Generative Art.  (via) “Update: After 87 hours, I stopped waiting.“ On the Virtues of Terseness. The Emperor’s New Tools?: pragmatism and the idolatry […]

  • Some package statistics

    The article I linked yesterday about Ravenports got me wondering about what package are most popular. is the default binary package archive for pkg, and it has httpd logs back to 2013, so I collated some information. I read out a list of packages, and weighed them according to how recently they were downloaded.  […]

  • kcollect description

    I should have linked this yesterday: a description of kcollect and its uses from Matthew Dillon, complete with example graph of a very busy machine.

  • New mechanism: kcollect

    There’s a new facility in DragonFly: kcollect(8).  It holds automatically-collected kernel data for about the last day, and can output to gnuplot.  Note the automatic collection part; your system will always be able to tell you about weirdness – assuming that weirdness extends to one of the features kcollect tracks.  Here’s some of the commits.

  • In Other BSDs for 2017/07/22

    It’s accidental how-to week! OpenSMTPD under OpenBSD with SSL/VirtualUsers/Dovecot (via) and OpenSMTPD and Dovecot under OpenBSD with MySQL support and SPAMD.  (via) Introducing anvil – Tools for distributing ssl certificates, plus examples of usage on FreeBSD. OpenBSD on the Huawei MateBook X. Add vmctl send and vmctl receive. openbsd changes of note 625 BSDTW is in Taiwan, in […]

  • AsiaBSDCon 2017 and DragonFly networking

    Sepherosa Ziehau went to AsiaBSDCon 2017 and gave a talk on his work with DragonFly’s networking.  He’s published a report of his trip, which comes with a link to his paper, his presentation, and pictures of who he met. Note that the PDF and the Powerpoint slides links are different; one is the paper, one is […]

  • Network performance comparison

    In what can be described as perfect timing, Sepherosa Ziehau has produced a document comparing FreeBSD, several different Linux kernels, and DragonFly, for networking.  He’s presenting it in the afternoon track of Day 3 for AsiaBSDCon 2017, starting later this week. He’s published a snippet as a PDF (via), which includes some graphs.    The one place […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2016/03/13

    I had too many links for this as early as Tuesday. A perspective on the state of the SSLiverse as of early 2016.  (via the author on EFNet #dragonflybsd) In defense of Unix.  (via) The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science.  (via) SIGGRAPH 2016 – Computer Animation Festival Submissions.  (via) An interactive and audio […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2016/01/31

    I am proud of finding some of these links this week; they are not the usual “here’s what everyone else linked to” that you see. Evolution of Ethernet Speeds: What’s New and What’s Next.  I did not know about 2.5G/5G speeds over existing cat5.  (via) Why the Sun 2 has a message “Love your country, […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2014/09/14

    I didn’t even notice, because this has been a difficult week for me, but I’ve hit over 6,000 posts on the Digest. I passed the 11-year mark too, a few weeks ago. Wee Ada Lovelace.  From a wee series, though this is the only computer-related one. Being Productive with Emacs, part 1.  (via) The guy […]