Mini-theme: 4-part writeups.
Note the new-to-me book news in there.  
Episode 447, "Path to BSD" is up now, as is 446, "Debugging ioctl problems".  446 was up last week but I missed my change to link to it.  Check the Tadpole link if you have not; those are a weird chunk of history.
It's apparently possible to get a panic by yanking a HAMMER2 disk out of your system, which is only likely when using a USB thumb drive, formatting it to HAMMER2, and not bothering to unmount it.  Anyway, that poorly-described-by-me problem is fixed.
You will notice some clustering of links; my list filled up fast.
There's an odd bug in ipfw that is now fixed in DragonFly 6.2/6.3.  If you are using ipfw and adding networks and hosts in a specific order, the netmask will be set wrong. There's also a problem with the overnight bulkfree cleanup in Hammer that's had various attempts to fix it over time - it's now really truly fixed.  It mattered only if you had an extremely large number of inodes - 100000000 or so, Matthew Dillon wrote up an explanation for both.
If you were hoping for a mini-theme of synthesizers, you are in luck.
No theme, but decent material.
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